Gill Wing History

In early 1980s Gill Wing originally started with Tim and Gill manufacturing ceramics and selling them cycling around London gift shops with a bag full of samples. This led to seeing many shops and meeting other potters, who wanted their pots sold, and we decided to set up our own first shop.

The Gill Wing shop started selling their own ceramics, and rapidly expanded to sell the work of others and additional gift items. In the shop, still you will see their teapots, these are around 1500 samples collected from the entire teapots they have ever sold in the shop, some were made by Gill Wing pottery.

More Other items were requested by customers therefore additional shops were set up to meet the demands. The cook shop started selling cook items in the gift shop and quickly expanded its own premises, as did jewellery and shoes.

Meanwhile they were one of the early sellers of Filofax, they had to cycle out to a small domestic garage in Epping to collect it, this was a hard work so they decided to do their own system and lunched Microfile, which was very successful.

Their most recent project is the Gill Wing Organic Farm, this was originally intended to supply the café and food shop with their own grown fresh produce but they underestimated the workload, and now farm has for the moment replaced the café and food shop. The Gill Wing farm is expanding rapidly and is very exciting. For more details, please click here to read more about the Gill Wing Farm.

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