Gill Wing farm is our latest and biggest project to date.

The farm is magic!

It is 140 acres of green grass just south of Tunbridge Wells, 1hr from London, area of outstanding natural beauty, next to Eridge station, which the previous owner had tried for twelve years to change to a golf course. Hence, it was wild meadows of untouched natural permanent pasture, ideal for organic conversion.

However, we had to start from scratch. There were no farm buildings, roads, water, electric. Just 140 acres of grass! We decided on a suitable ‘centre’ built a road, dug 400m trenches for water, gas and electric, inserted septic tanks and drainage, put up buildings, found and bought equipment. Then register with Soil Association, find and plant suitable crops,veg, fruit, pigs, sheep, poultry.

All a very big learning curve! However, we are getting there. We started with some rare breed pigs and sheep (Kune-Kune pig and Soay sheep) which were small and manageable, lovely and friendly to work with but unfortunately not economic to farm. We have now replaced most of them with Essex pigs (same parentage as Jimmy’s farm) and Manx sheep. We also have an excellent range of ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens which all roam happily together and roost in the trees. Dean, our sturdy (6ft5inch,18st) farm manager is a big asset to the farm, we now have our own on site processing section with Andrew our butcher making excellent meats of all types, prime cuts from all our animals, our special and very tasty sausages and other meat and poultry treats made on the farm. We are about to start our own hot and cold oak smoke units using oak from the farm. Our ducks and Sasso chickens are large and excellent. We aim to grow as much of their food as possible, we now have our own combine harvester and harvest tons of our own wheat and oats, which we then grind into feed.

We produce some excellent veg., lettuce, spinach, squash, sweet corn, etc but this year has been strange weather wise and weeds remain a major problem, which we will have to address. Our fruit, 150 trees to date, apples, pears, plums, cherries, is starting to crop, and next year will see more strawberries and blackcurrants. In addition, we are about to build our first ever farm shop. We do not yet run cattle but another organic farm up the road does and we are pleased to process and stock their excellent organic beef.

We would love to supply you from the farm shop, on an on-line basis. Just look at our list of superb fresh produce and decide what you would like. It will be delivered fresh to your door within 24 hours.

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